Juha Liikala

Singapore pooltime! 😍🇸🇬 It’s been 4 years since our last visit. Awesome to be back! 😊 Next up, Bali 🌴 #travel #singapore #indonesia #bali

This cracked me up a bit. Touché, sir! 😄 #meta

Not sure if the micro.blog landing page has looked the way it does for a long time, but I really like it! Love the clean look and the way it highlights the best parts of using the platform. Great work @manton et al. 👏👏

Still wrapping my head around the “best practice” on how to use my main Mastodon account and this blog’s “account” (@juha@juhaliikala.com) side by side. For now, I think I’ll just boost posts that I’d also like to share via my main account and keep my …

Posting a few nice shots from Lofoten (Norway) road trip (few years ago) to check if micro.blog CDN settings have taken effect 😄🤞

Aiempaan viestiin liittyen, omalta micro.blog seurantalistalta löytyi ainoastaan @tkoola Suomesta. Ehkäpä meitä muitakin löytyy micro.blogista? Oli miten oli, ajatus olisi välillä jakaa täällä jotain suomeksikin, tai viritellä cross-postausta micro.blogista esim. Mastodonin tai Linkkarin puolelle, …

Does anyone run their micro.blog in some other language than English? I’m considering creating another micro.blog which I’d use for Finnish content specifically. There are cases where blogging in my native language would make sense (and sharing those post to social channels which I use …

Winter roadtrip to Iso-Syöte (Finland) 😍

For many years, it has been my December activity to go through those web/social media accounts that I don’t really use much and “cut out the fat”. It’s always a surprise to realize how many new places I’ve made accounts during the past year (as I like to test new shiny …

As micro.blog supports crossposting stuff from here to Mastodon, let’s try that too! Curious to learn how I’ll end up using these two side by side. I guess time and (perhaps) trial and error will tell 😅

Is this thing on? I guess so 😄 In addition to micro.blog(ging), I’m now also exploring what Mastodon is all about @juhaliikala@masto.io. Come say hi! 😊👋

So, I did went the route of deactivating my Twitter account a week ago, but following this good advice from @thedragstate@aus.social, decided to reactivate and just lock it. Let it rot. In the meanwhile, I guess I’ll find a Mastodon instance next OR create my own. Let’s see :)

Yeah, it’s time. Gone fishing is now in effect. Been mulling over the though way before the “latest developments”, but as the feeling has only grown stronger since, it is time. Let’s reconsider at some point, maybe.

Monochrome Monday shot from Times Square, New York. Would love to revisit! 📸🙌

Ah, first snow is here! 😊❄️❄️❄️

Rather nice, this one! Few episodes were a bit too strange to my taste, but overall, an enjoyable watch. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #series #horror #mystery #netflix

I guess that A Day in the Life challenge already passed, but will post nonetheless 😄 Gym time in Oulu, Finland, 14:20pm. Sweaty business! 😅

I find that micro.blog has the same kind of good vibe Twitter used to have in the early days. Browsing and reading other people’s updates here leave me feeling good. The opposite is true with my Twitter feed, which has turned into (mostly) doom and gloom, people arguing about stupid smallest …

Hi @jeffmueller! Is ADN finder still a thing? I was trying to add myself to that list, but I don’t think it worked out. Or is there a manual process involved after submitting? 😊 Cheers!

Where did that weekend go? 😄 Well, coffee to the engine and toward this weeks adventures! Started exploring ConvertKit on Saturday. Thinking of starting a newsletter, in addition to these somewhat random micro blog writings. Let’s see!

Giving a try to “Twitter for Professionals” mode in the app. Could not find software developer, maker or creator “profession” there, so ended up using “Blogger” 😄 Let’s see how this feature turns out! 😆

Blast from the past from travel photo archives. Miss those Bali adventures! This was a cave waterfall called Tukad Cepung (if I remember correctly). Beautiful place! 😍 ✈️🗺

And there goes the well started Daily (Micro) Blogger streak - Forgot to post yesterday, duh! Oh well.. 😄 Weekend ahead! No plans, just chill! Maybe some gym activities, movies and catching up reading from some favourite bloggers around the blogosphere. Speaking of “reading blogs”, I …

Being real?

Apparently the “new hot thing” on social media is an app called BeReal. Looked through few demo videos of usage, but haven’t tried. Not sure I will. The idea of sharing random moment daily with friends in kind of fun.. but then again, I really don’t feel like needing yet …

A proper thunderstorm here in Oulu this evening. ⛈ 71 millimetres of rain in the past 6 hours or so. Some pics here, the article is in Finnish