Something going on with Mastodon cross-posting from Previous few entries never made to Mastodon for some reason. Testing out once more if disconnecting / reconnecting auth helped. 🤞

Been really enjoying Silo (Apple TV+) so far. Certainly a positive surprise! 8/10 from me. 📺

Singapore pooltime! 😍🇸🇬 It’s been 4 years since our last visit. Awesome to be back! 😊 Next up, Bali 🌴

#travel #singapore #indonesia #bali

Poolside chilling in Singapore Supertree Grove in Singapore Marina Bay Sands in late evening

This cracked me up a bit. Touché, sir! 😄 #meta

Not sure if the landing page has looked the way it does for a long time, but I really like it! Love the clean look and the way it highlights the best parts of using the platform. Great work @manton et al. 👏👏

Still wrapping my head around the “best practice” on how to use my main Mastodon account and this blog’s “account” ( side by side. For now, I think I’ll just boost posts that I’d also like to share via my main account and keep my fingers crossed that the possible comments on the (boosted) post appear hear on this blog (and too. I guess that’s one way to go about it? :)

Posting a few nice shots from Lofoten (Norway) road trip (few years ago) to check if CDN settings have taken effect 😄🤞

Aiempaan viestiin liittyen, omalta seurantalistalta löytyi ainoastaan @tkoola Suomesta. Ehkäpä meitä muitakin löytyy micro.blogista? Oli miten oli, ajatus olisi välillä jakaa täällä jotain suomeksikin, tai viritellä cross-postausta micro.blogista esim. Mastodonin tai Linkkarin puolelle, kun tulee jotain erityisesti suomeksi jaettavaa. Kassotaan!

Does anyone run their in some other language than English? I’m considering creating another which I’d use for Finnish content specifically. There are cases where blogging in my native language would make sense (and sharing those post to social channels which I use in Finnish). Would be cool to hear some experiences if some of you’ve done something similar! :)

Winter roadtrip to Iso-Syöte (Finland) 😍