Hi I'm Juha Liikala

A Front-End Developer And a Globetrotter

I've been doing what I do for quite a while now. In fact, it's been around 15 years since I started "working on the web".

Travel has been part of my DNA ever since my parents first took me abroad back in the 80's (yeah I know, I'm a dinosaur). Nonetheless, that's one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do today. Choosing this line of work has enabled me to keep travelling, even when I'm working. A Internet connection and a laptop is all I need.

I'm currently working for Synopsys in a front end / UX role. I also own and run Stripped Bare Media, a small branding agency based in Oulu, Finland.

My advice on various entrepreneurship & marketing topics have been published in places like Mashable, The Next Web, Inc. and ReadWrite. About.me also did a nice digital nomad feature on me just recently. I'm also a member of YEC, an invite only community of pretty darn cool entrepreneurs. They rock. All of them.

But enough about me. How can I help you? Email me anytime at hi@juhaliikala.com if you want to ask anything or just say hi. I'd be happy if you did.